SPN-2, SPN-4 и AKUP-1 в гръцката армия (en,gr)

Станции за смущения SPN-2, SPN-4 и AKUP-1 в армията на Гърция

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Greece has its only localy built version of this russian electronic warfare system.


AKPB APUR Number of objects controlled 3 APURs (companies CPs) 9 jamming stations Interfacing distance to information radar source, km up to 20 up to 20 Control range, km up to 40 up to 20 Number of targets allocated by complex 50 20 SPN-2 SPN-4 Frequency band, cm 2 3 Sector of simultaneous operation, deg in azimuth 45 45 in elevation 10 (45) 10 (45) Energy, Db/W 57 60 Number of radars suppressed simultaneously fire control radars 6 6 side-looking radars 2 2 terrain-following radars 2 2 The principal ground EW unit is the EW battalion intended for protection of small-sized and area (100x100 km) targets from airborne side-looking radars and fire control systems of air-to-surface guided weapons, as well as for jamming airborne radars supporting low-altitude strike aircraft.


The battalion consists of three companies and its complement includes (1) the SPN-2 and SPN-4 high power ground jamming stations, (2) the AKUP-1 automated jamming command and control complex comprising the AKPB Automated Battalion Command Post and three APUR Automated Company Command Posts. Each station creates two jamming beams within the sector of simultaneous operation and is able to suppress up to two side-looking radars, or two low-level mission support radars, or up to six fire control radars.


The station can operate in autonomous mode controlled from operator control desk, or in centralised mode from AKUP complex. The station can create quasi-continuous disguising noise of response jamming. The jamming can be frequency-aimed or of barrage type. The suppression is gained either by slow changing carrier frequency, or by tuning the carrier frequency from impulse to impulse.




Източник: http://greekmilitary.net/specialweapons.htm